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Top-Quality Medical Care On Your Schedule

DocOnlineNow lets you have direct access to a Nationally Board-Certified Medical Doctor when you need it. If you have an infection, skin condition, need your blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or other medical problem addressed at your convenience and you don't wish to wait in a waiting room, this is the place to come.


You can have an assessment, a prescription, a note for school or work and much more without having to physically go to the doctor.  House-calls used to be done extensively but are rarely done in 2010.  Now with Online Medicine becoming more prominent, virtual house calls are becoming mainstream again.


Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of DocOnlineNow is the ability to be assessed and treated by an actual doctor and not just a nurse at your local Wal-mart, Walgreens or CVS.


DocOnlineNow offers quality medical care for your entire family and most medical problems (from Strep Throat to Poison Ivy) can be successfully treated online.


DocOnlineNow can diagnose and treat various skin conditions including Precancerous Skin Lesions, Psoriasis, and Eczema to name a few.